Better Communication - Real-Time

So visualize this: a large open air arena, it is virtually empty short one person that is sitting in the middle of the arena, bruised, confused and amazed, all at the same time.    The person is the healthcare consumer (note I did not use the word Patient), not the DR, not the Hospital and not the Payer but the Consumer.   Bruised by the shifting healthcare financial burden, confused that they are not even part of the conversation and amazed that yes they WILLhave a say which providers and payers succeed in tomorrow's consumer healthcare market.   It's not about IT or portals, Dr's know this, Case Managers know this and so on.   Its about what use to happen and what still happens in good medicine, communication.   Transparent, real-time and meaningful.    Whether face-to-face with a provider in the exam room, via telemedicine or patient to patient via social media, the focus is and should always remain on communication.

Somehow on this journey of healthcare enlightenment we have let Legislators and Technologist lead the reform, not the practical and not business innovation but all that is starting to change.    

Disruptive forces are entering the market that will change how we view healthcare communication.  If you believe the focus now is portals as in some recently published material from Meaningful Use Stage 2, you are not looking far enough out.   To think portals is, how my 10 year old son would say, "that is so yesterday." With wearable technologies from Apple, social media reviews and real time communication platforms like Meeha and Cisco's efforts in HealthPresence, accessing your provider's or hospital's portal will seem primitive very soon.

Stay engaged, stay connected and keep communicating healthcare consumers!

18 Aug 2018

By Todd Fisher