CareCentricity is excited to release the next evolution of patient centric online reviews with The online healthcare review industry still largely misses the mark.  Consumer driven healthcare is more than just finding a doctor, hospital or provider. 

At the center of everyone's care regardless of diagnosis or prognosis is not just a doctor but more importantly a nurse or team of nurses that have a significant and meaningfully impact on the well-being and healing process for every individual requiring care.  The caregiver role is even more critical for individuals with post-acute or long-term care needs as the nurse is often times the first  contact for everything regarding their health and care.

For this reason, CareCentricity, through NightinGaleRN is placing the nurse at the forefront of a consumer and employer driven online experience.  We provide a single source for individuals, family members and patients to find the best nurses in their communities.  Knowing where the best nurses work, their credentials, and having access to real feedback from reviews of other people who have been cared for is a game changer for employers, nurses and most importantly patients. 

NightinGaleRN ensures the best nurses have a platform to evangelize their critical value to the healthcare industry and to ensure employers have an easy means to attract and compete for the best caregivers in every community.   We invite you to add your voice and share your experience so that the best nurses shine like the angels they really are.